The Facility


We’re here to provide challenging workouts in a relaxed and welcoming space. You’ll join a community where you’ll be supported and nurtured, you’ll also be encouraged to aim a little higher as you progress

The facility is equipped with the best conditioning  equipment including Concept 2 Rowers, Ski erg and Bike ergs as well as the much loved Assault Bike. Alphafit Rigs and Strength Equipment and of course a range of Functional equipment that we rate.



The Field Style

Each of our programs is carefully developed and delivered by people from varied backgrounds and modalities of fitness. Our approach is ideal for everyone who’s tried and tested what’s out there and been left wanting something different – something beyond the rest.


Myzone Zone Wearable Technology


We use Myzone live heart rate technology in the studio so that you and the coaches can get real time feedback and elevate your training experience. The free social app connects you to fellow members and your coaches where you can like and comment on each others workouts. The Myzone app acts as your personal workout archive where you can attach pictures of the workout program to the post workout data. Myzone is the worlds leader in ANT+ technology and were proud to partner with this great Australian company.